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Popcorn and Pinot

People love to talk about movies – the talent, the writing, the singing skills of what’s-her-name. They will tweet it, blog it, and small-talk it over drinks. But ask someone to tell you their favorite movie and they’ll freeze up … Continue reading

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Wine Math

I was recently perusing a new post, over at the always awesome The Food and Wine Hedonist, that was discussing the trouble with coffee math – the algorithm needed to factor six ounce coffee can directions into an eight ounce … Continue reading

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Marathon Training for Winos, Lazies, and People Who Hate to Run

My best friend Shannon has this frustratingly positive effect on me. Following her lead, I’ve adopted some annoying and time consuming habits over the years – flossing nightly, wearing SPF bazillion sunscreen even indoors and worst of all…running. In fact, … Continue reading

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Taste Acquired

The concept of “acquired taste” eluded me until New Year’s Eve 2006 when I decided that two of the world’s apparent great pleasures – sushi and wine – had escaped me long enough. 2007 was going to be the year … Continue reading

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Barcelona: One Shrimp Head at a Time

I’ve just arrived back at the Barcelona airport to start my journey toward home, and after having the world’s most fresh, tasty, non-greasy, fluffy-yet-firm-yet-crisp Egg McMuffin (don’t judge, it’s all they had past security), I’m compelled to own up to … Continue reading

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Traveling Abroad for Dummies

Last night a bunch of us got together for the sole purpose of consuming wine. And after some great conversation and five or six bottles of fabulousness from all over the world (my favorite being a tasty treat called “Cock of … Continue reading

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I’ve been traveling for weeks, had a cold since before Christmas that I haven’t completely shaken, and have been working out like a mad woman in honor of the seven cows I consumed while back in the Midwest for the … Continue reading

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