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Bananas Won’t Make You Fat – And Nine Other Secrets to Life

I adore a good epiphany – when you’re plodding through life, doing something completely innocuous, then suddenly a moment captures your attention and a tiny little metaphorical light bulb begins blazing in your head. Once the buzz subsides, you are … Continue reading

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People are Flakes

Let me preface by saying I am guilty of most of the crimes of which I’m about to complain, so take me with a grain of salt. A good friend of mine had made casual plans with another friend for … Continue reading

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To My Fellow Dog Walkers

While the casual dog walker has yet to master the art of poop-bagging, bark management, and leash commitment, I’ve noticed a more unsettling habit amongst dog owners of late. They don’t speak. I live in an extremely dog-friendly apartment community … Continue reading

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