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Travel Clichés

Like fruit cake at Christmas, bachelorettes wearing pink boas, and Uma in a Tarantino movie, most clichés are best avoided. Yet there is one aspect of life into which I highly recommend injecting as much cliché as possible – travel. … Continue reading

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Barcelona: One Shrimp Head at a Time

I’ve just arrived back at the Barcelona airport to start my journey toward home, and after having the world’s most fresh, tasty, non-greasy, fluffy-yet-firm-yet-crisp Egg McMuffin (don’t judge, it’s all they had past security), I’m compelled to own up to … Continue reading

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As a lifetime world traveler and card carrying Platinum, Diamond, Emerald and Blah Blah Fancy class member of every international hotel chain, the one experience that has eluded me until this moment was flying business class. I’ve only imagined what … Continue reading

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