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Popcorn and Pinot

People love to talk about movies – the talent, the writing, the singing skills of what’s-her-name. They will tweet it, blog it, and small-talk it over drinks. But ask someone to tell you their favorite movie and they’ll freeze up … Continue reading

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Cereal Mascot Smackdown

In my childhood years, a classic Saturday morning was my dad and I sitting cross-legged on the carpet together eating cereal – his in a giant mixing bowl and mine in a regular-sized normal person bowl. Save for the opening … Continue reading

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Workout Inspiration Comes with Free Leg Warmers

Over the weekend I went on a 10 mile hike through rocky canyons and across deep rivers, by way of my very first bungee jump off the “Bridge to Nowhere.” A cocktail of pride and adrenaline took over as I … Continue reading

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Pink Shirt, White Suit: Still the Best of the 80s

I recently saw Don Johnson at a restaurant near my office in Orange County, and the resulting excited Facebook post, tweet and mass text was met with a mix of silence, “who” and “is that the guy from Die Hard.” … Continue reading

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