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Lazy to the Max

It was only last week when I finally flipped the clock in my car an hour back to align myself with the rest of the country in the fight to save daylight. I believe the call to action for this … Continue reading

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White Elephant

As you can infer by the title of my blog, I’m fascinated by the concept of the white elephant. Once upon a time it referred to possessions too valuable to part with, but also too burdensome for their worth (as … Continue reading

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Out Sick

DJ Tanner was my idol. She had the greatest bangs, she got to sing onstage with the Beach Boys, and she was an all-around good girl which afforded her a free pass on some occasional bad behavior. So when DJ … Continue reading

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Thank You for Being Born

I love birthdays – yours, mine and everybody else’s. I just got back from Las Vegas for my friend Rebecca’s birthday, I’m taking my mom to Laguna Beach tonight for her birthday, and I head to Chicago tomorrow for my … Continue reading

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Moving is Underrated

A good friend of mine just reenacted my move from Phoenix to California for work and she’s finding that moving is not all rainbows and unicorns. She spent her 4th of July weekend fending off broken alarm systems, appliance delivery snafus, and … Continue reading

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Little Bo Peep was Multitasking

I’ve always been successful at time management. I meet every deadline and am always the first to arrive at a get-together. While this is partially just a sense of tacit responsibility, I’m also a skilled multitasker. I blow dry my … Continue reading

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Elevator Music

Contrary to what you may feel after a ride on the Luxor’s famed inclinator, the Tower of Terror at California Adventure, or (I assume) Willy Wonka’s mystical glass masterpiece, elevator rides are pretty predictable. You step in, push a button, … Continue reading

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