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Unfinished Business: Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve morning, and I’m up bright and early to savor one last day of gluttony, sloth and various other deadly sins before my shiny new halo arrives promptly at midnight. This time last year, I made – … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Thanksgiving Future

Remember when you were a kid and there was that one holiday where your whole family would get together and eat turkey and cranberries and be thankful and stuff? Leading up to this splendid feast, there was a whole season … Continue reading

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The Vacation Roller Coaster

In reality, I’m just a short week away from a seven-night Caribbean cruise with some girl friends. In my world, I’m three days of shoveling 14 tons of landscape rock in our backyard, one business trip to New Jersey, and … Continue reading

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Movie Clichés Get a Bad Rep

Although Mom, Dad and school played a role in developing my aptitude for learning, I attribute much of my worldly wisdom to movie-going. Thanks to the big screen, I’m well-equipped to deliver a baby from the backseat of a car … Continue reading

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A Lesson in ‘Crastination

At the tender of age of five, I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room as my mother completed the elaborate registration form that would result in me getting a lollipop. I glanced over her shoulder to make sure she … Continue reading

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With the proliferation of abbreviations, emoticons and emojis masquerading as words in our emails and text messages, we somehow seem to be wordier than ever when it comes to our conversational tactics. In particular, we have been plagued by the … Continue reading

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Shortly after college I moved West from the Chicago suburbs to Arizona – not because of the infamous wind chill, not because I was finally fed up with defrosting my car door with a hair dryer – but because I … Continue reading

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