Gizmos and Gadgets Aplenty

elephant_gadgetIn pursuit of bragging rights and a Tiffany necklace “medal,” I’m in the beginning weeks of training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon this October in San Francisco. This morning, I geared up for a quick three miler. At my average nine-and-a-half minute mile pace, I calculate I wasted about two miles-worth of time firing up the Garmin, slipping on my armband, opening the Nike running app, adjusting my headphones, situating my heart rate monitor, and tossing my keys in the nifty thing-a-ma-gizmo on my shoe before running out the door. In non-training mode, all I need are my shoes and the road – but sometimes, I need my gadgets.

These days there are gadgets that do everything from sing to us while we brush our teeth in the morning to monitor our sleep at night. And while I’m certainly capable of humming “Row Row Row Your Boat” to myself to ensure I brush long enough, gizmos and gadgets are a part of my life I choose not to live without. Here’s why:

Cool Factor: An MP3 player is cooler than a Walkman, a Jambox is cooler than a boom box, and a tablet is cooler than a Trapper Keeper. The only exception: – argue if you dare – an abacus is way cooler than a calculator.

Fun Factor: Someone yelling “times up” when the faux sand reaches the bottom of the plastic hourglass is no match for the unnervingly shrill “BEEEEEEEEP!” of today’s game timers; and having a booming Navy leader-esque voice announce “You’ve sunk my destroyer” really upped the awesome factor on Battleship. Now we need to do something about those tedious pegs.

Ease Factor: I can blend an iceberg in six seconds flat with my Ninja whilst julienning a field of zucchini on my mandolin.

Hygiene Factor: Why wash my face the old-fashioned way when my Clarisonic cleans six times better than my hands alone? And really, who pumps their own soap these days?

Coach Potato Factor: Gizmos have been letting us change channels without getting up for some time, but today’s gadgets have an added bonus for the lazy among us – the built-in excuse to leave the gym when your battery dies.

Credit Factor: We humans like to get credit for our achievements – however ordinary. The happy face that alights our pedometers when we walk ten thousand steps is akin to the scratch-and-sniff “WOW!” sticker that used to arbitrarily appear on our homework.

Aside from the edge-of-my-seat wait for the inevitable hover board, I’m thrilled with how “future” today feels. And although gadgets have their downsides – I’m not even sure I know how to open a bottle of wine without a Houdini anymore and I could probably shave thirty seconds off my mile if I stripped off the hardware – damn they’re swell.

What is your can’t-live-without-it gizmo?

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28 Responses to Gizmos and Gadgets Aplenty

  1. monicajvila says:

    AGAIN laughed out loud with your blog! My gizmo of choice is the heart rate monitor which tells me just how hard I’m working or kicks me in the pants if I’m under 140!

  2. Too funny. As for me, it’s my love/hate relationship with my iphone.

  3. I think of each of the apps on my iPhone as individual gizmos, so i can’t live without Twitter, Instagram, FP, WordPress (when it works). But my very favorite app is my Lil Jon phrase app. I’m always one touch away from a “WHAT?!?” “Yeah” and “Bend over to the front and touch your toes!”

  4. PinotNinja says:

    I’m too much of a hot mess to keep track of running gadgets. I had a heart rate monitor, but I lost it. I had a nike+ insert for my shoe, but I broke it. I had an ipod armband, but I ripped it.

    I’ve given up and just take off with running shoes, some old shorts, and a tank top, because I’m not responsible for anything more.

  5. nathanjedi says:

    I may never leave this laptop…

  6. scratch-and-sniff stickers…you have officially triggered my nostalgia from the good ol’ days of childhood bliss.

  7. Oh this is great! My can’t-live-without-gizmo is definitely my iPhone. I sometimes wonder what would happen if it got separated from me. I shudder to think.

  8. mentalageof3 says:

    Posted this link onto my blog!
    Ellie from

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  10. hey waitress!! says:

    I “can’t” function during a run w/o my ITunes running mix & Map My Fitness tracer on the iphone, my waterproof armband to hold the iPhone, yurbud earphones, and my Nike+ GPS. I totes feel your pain. 😉

  11. gingergiant16 says:

    Made me chuckle how relatable this is! I can’t live without my phone, it’s my hub of friendship, all my friends in one simple place.

  12. jaymundi says:

    Couldn’t help but laugh. I agree an abacus is way cooler than a calculator… but perhaps it’s simply because I can play with one longer before I’m bored. Either way, the answer to my match problem will be incorrect!

  13. Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your blog. I am bit picky concerning what I like.. and I just really loved yours.. thanks for the words well written with just the right amount of humor and wit. Well done.

  14. Teddy Baum Cox says:

    This made me realize that I bring more powerful technology into my bathroom than they had in the control rooms during the early days of NASA

  15. Coach potato?! Yeah my gym does not allow this- we have usb ports in some of the machines so we haven’t an excuse to leave before working up quite a sweat.
    As for mine… my camera.

  16. longandluxe says:

    omg still tripping on the Trapper Keeper reference . . .so fantastic . .. !

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