Last Meal – Happy 12/21/12

elephant_cadbury_christmas copyOne of my favorite ways to get to know someone new is to ask them what they’d request for their death row meal (I’m sinister like that). More astonishing than the range of answers I’ve received – anything from mom’s peanut butter and jelly to shark steaks – is that everyone seems to have their answer thoroughly prepared as if they’ve been waiting their whole lives to be asked this question. Mine: snow crab, Velveeta Shells & Cheese, and a Cadbury Cream Egg.


Me circa 1981 after I robbed the Easter Bunny

Me circa 1981 after I robbed the Easter Bunny

I’ve loved Cadbury Cream Eggs since the dawn of time. One of my fondest memories is traveling to the Cadbury factory in England and later learning that in London, there are Cadbury vending machines that deliver eggs all year long. So imagine my surprise when I was in Walgreens last night looking at Christmas candy and saw a beautiful foil-wrapped egg nestled amongst the Reese’s trees and Hershey snowmen. Clearly, my correspondence to Santa has finally been answered. While I would have expected a Cadbury Cream ornament or Cadbury Cream ice skate or something, beggars can’t be choosers. I shelled out my sixty-nine cents and took my treasure home.

But I haven’t eaten it yet. Something doesn’t feel right. Just as I cringe whenever I see a Peep shaped like a reindeer or red and green candy corn, I worry that eating a Cadbury Cream Egg at Christmas will kill the magic.

Laying Cadbury Cream Eggs all year long in a Tube station near you.

Laying Cadbury Cream Eggs all year long in a Tube station near you.

There’s a reason we don’t eat purple stuff shaped like a can on any other day than Thanksgiving, there’s a reason why beer is only green once a year, and there’s a reason why egg-shaped candy is relegated to Easter (although it dawns on me that I have no idea what it is).

Aside from being brilliant marketing ploys, Boo Berry cereal, chocolate Santas, and Cadbury Cream Eggs are much like roast turkey and green bean casserole – it’s the seasonality of the experiences that make them special. Whether it’s candy cane marshmallows showing up on Lucky Charms boxes, Starbucks bringing back the salted caramel hot chocolate, or just a store clerk moving the cookie baking supplies onto a more visible end cap, edible preludes to your favorite holiday are a big part of the joy.

So will I be eating that Cadbury Cream Egg? Hell yes I will. It’s 12/21/12 – I’m having Velveeta Shells & Cheese too.

What’s your favorite seasonal treat (or death row meal)?


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25 Responses to Last Meal – Happy 12/21/12

  1. andymalyn says:

    We even get a Halloween special, Cadburys ‘Scream’ Eggs filled with a red flavoured goo, this year was Raspberry (yuk) but last almost (only almost) came close to the normal with hint of peppermint (either that or they left them next to the Mentoes mints) but delicious just the same!

  2. I had never actually given it any thought, probably because my stints on death row have been mercifully short, what with all the pardons I get and such. Never had much time to think about it. And the Mayan calendar world end thing? Well, my research team explained that hoax in a recent blog.
    As far as those nasty eggs go…. well, I live in the U.K., and they are EVERYWHERE, all the time. You can’t escape them. They get given to you on the tube in London, restaurants serve them as appitizers, hell, some even serve Cadbury Cream Egg Omlettes.
    No, what I miss, and is very hard to find here in the U.K., is your very special and world reknowned Pop Tart. Maybe not seasonal, but if you want we can make a new Christmas tradition.
    I’ll send you a case of Cadbury Cream Eggs and you send me Pop Tarts.

  3. Nancy says:

    I’ve already “come out” on FB by declaring I would have ice cream for dinner, last night. But if I planned ahead (which I do for a living) I would have our family spaghetti sauce. In fact I think I have a stash in the back of my freezer, so tonight…

  4. 1daughter says:

    Death row meal: Turkey dinner with all the trimmings from Yoder’s in Abbeville, SC.
    Last meal on Earth: Wallaby Darned with double shot and keep ’em coming.

  5. A Big Arse Bowl of Mash Potatoes with Real Butter Please – ha! Love it! Happy Holidays:)

  6. I’ll take as much lobster as I can get covered in butter, your choice of Velveeta shells and cheese is divine-I’ll take that too, and spinach linguini with garlic salt, and a side of Tiramisu.

  7. Dave says:

    Hmmm….roast duck in black cherry sauce (as an appetiser), followed by butterfly-cut prawns in garlic and chilli as an in-betweener, and then Chateaubriand and roast potatoes for mains. Flambé cherries and cream for afters. Well…it’s my last meal, I may as well give in to gluttony, yes?

  8. mclaughmark says:

    Assuming I’m deserving of said meal, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, asparagus and a twice-baked potato. And yes, there’s always room for Velveeta shells.

  9. paywindow7 says:

    My last meal is simple and has gotta be mostly beef. Two inch thick sirloin cooked rare; as in grilled over a smoky fire and when it stops making noise it’s done.. Then prawns wrapped in bacon stuffed with sharp cheddar and jalapenos all cooked over that same smokey pit. Then just before stepping off onto the final leg of that last mile, some peach cobler with vanilla ice cream with a cup of dark roast coffee. It’s gonna take a SWAT Team of morticians to get the smile off my face.

  10. cheriedear says:

    Mine would be my mother’s sourcream enchaladas, my dads salsa, and hot tamales. Weird thing? Im not mexican. My boyfriend said tiger and panda meat….he sai dit would be funny for PETA to b**ch… O.o

  11. hjonasson says:

    Major Cadbury egg fan as well. Candy corn too. Here in Sweden, they have different pastries for different times of year. The next one coming up is semlor for Mardi Gras. A king once at 16 of them and died. That’s how you know it’s good.

  12. lizzyxbell says:

    Death row meal: mother’s cheesy potato soup, (you got this! ) velveeta shells & cheese & sushi!

    I find your blogs, stunning!

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