Peep Show

My mantra has always been, “if it’s not chocolate it’s not worth it,” so when Easter candy makes its annual appearance about four days after Christmas I eschew the jelly beans and hard candies in favor of, well pretty much anything. But several years ago, right around the time they introduced Peeps in a rainbow of neon colors resembling my 1990 wardrobe, I decided it might be time to drop the Cadbury Cream Egg for one (really really brief) moment and give the sugary marshmallow Easter staple a second glance.

After trying them fresh, stale, refrigerated, frozen and in all different colors – an unnecessary yet enjoyable experiment – I decided that they are pretty darn ok. So ok in fact, that I employed a further battery of tests to prove my new hypothesis: there’s a lot you can do with a Peep. Here are my findings:

Peep S’mores: The addition of a chocolate element was a critical compatibility test. Two fudge stripe cookies plus one Peep (I recommend blue) plus seven seconds in the microwave equals no need to ever go camping again. I’m confident this research paved the way for the chocolate-dipped Peeps now available at a Target near you.

 Peeptinis: After the chocolate triumph, booze was the obvious evolution. An Easter-themed girls’ night was the perfect setting to add marshmallow flavored vodka to a standard cosmo mix. A sugared rim with a pink Peep perched on the edge finished off the cocktail. The concoction was delicious – but the Peeps quickly drowned leaving a sticky sugary mess. Lesson? Chug.

Peep Kabobs: A wooden skewer piercing alternating Peeps and fruit chunks is much like biting off a chocolate bunny head – sadistic and satisfying. It’s also rather yummy.

Peep Salad: Clear the kiddos out of the room for this one as it’s about to get a little gruesome. Replace the mini marshmallows in the Jell-O salad with chunks of Peep. Yes chunks. I feel wrong just typing that.

Peep Jousting: A colleague introduced me to this official sport of Easter. Take two Peeps in opposing colors (this is absolutely critical so everyone knows who to root for). Give them a toothpick sword to fight over (stick one side in each of them), then pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and watch ‘em fight to the death! Loser becomes a s’more.   

So after a series of highly scientific experiments I have proof positive. Peeps are welcome in my Easter basket anytime. Give these a try, and once the sugar high subsides you’ll have plenty of time to recover before Peep potato pie at Thanksgiving.

What’s your favorite Easter indulgence?

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I'm an 80s music lover, traveling junkie, mac & cheese connoisseur, amateur wine snob, party-planning priestess and Chicago transplant living in Southern California. I find adventure in the everyday and have a unending compulsion to write about it. Hope you enjoy reading my mind!
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15 Responses to Peep Show

  1. Starburst jelly beans – much better than real jelly beans!

  2. and here I thought you might be writing something naughty….
    well, still a great read nevertheless….

  3. stevebetz says:

    Hah — we used to have a tradition in grad school about hitting peeps with rubber mallets. We were pretty stressed back then.

    I was thinking about what the Easter cocktails ought to be and I’m leaning towards a Clover Club.

  4. This fine article reminded me of why I nominated you for a blog award over on my blog, Ink. If you want to participate you can find the rules under Blog Awards, the actual post is second on my homepage.

    Also, peeps are gross. Jellybeans for the win! Though I admire your enterprising culinary spirit.

  5. notquiteold says:

    My dad loved the stale ones. A nice memory, thanks.

  6. Not much of a sweet tooth here. My favorite Easter bite is asparagus. Go ahead and hate me. By the way, good to have you back.

  7. jodiks says:

    I’ve loved peeps since I was a kid but last year my mom found me some that were chocolate covered. Yes, delicious marshmallow peeps covered in chocolate.

    The best of both worlds. 🙂

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