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White Elephant

As you can infer by the title of my blog, I’m fascinated by the concept of the white elephant. Once upon a time it referred to possessions too valuable to part with, but also too burdensome for their worth (as … Continue reading

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Black Friday Survival

Black Friday is the day average humans all over the country don their snowman sweatshirt armor, wield their coupon-clipping scissors, and man their battle stations outside the local Wal-Mart staring down their enemies as the doors finally open. It takes … Continue reading

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Boots with Shorts, and Other Great Things About Fall

Turkey Day is almost here again, and I must confess that I’ve never been a major fan. I love the time with family (see our latest Thanksgiving concoctions at left), but all the hoopla around this giant bird that takes … Continue reading

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Fall De-Cluttering

Clutter has always been a dirty word in my life. Growing up, “out with the old” was an unspoken family motto. At the outset of each school year I was encouraged to clean out last year’s leg warmers before getting … Continue reading

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