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Movie Theater Casting Call

Since E.T. first followed the trail of Reese’s Pieces in 1982, I’ve been an avid movie-goer. I’ve sobbed through hours of Sandra/Rachel/Julia films and the loss of $3.50 matinees; I’ve cheered for Patriots and Gladiators and the addition of White … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Be Shopping for School Supplies

Bikinis are on the clearance rack, Michael’s and JoAnn’s have begun decking the halls, and the CW is airing Gossip Girl previews – all unsettling clues that the end of summer is upon us. Yet while the years of three-month … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure

Perhaps it all began with the poor sweet lady who didn’t understand that her McDonald’s coffee might be a teensy bit warm, but we officially live in a world full of disclaimers. From the “assembly required” label on the side … Continue reading

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I Hate Manicures

Getting a manicure is a special kind of torture. You walk inside full of hope as you see happy faces leaning back in their Sharper Image-grade massage lounges. Then you’re forced to sit in a hard chair and strip off … Continue reading

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