Squeegees, Dryer Lint, and Other Domestic Guilty Pleasures

I am no domestic goddess. My cleaning lady is the only one who vacuums, I think washing fruit is for wussies, I rarely get around to baking because I’m too busy eating the batter, and I once bought a new pair of jeans because I didn’t feel like doing laundry. I’m a relatively good cook (save for my produce washing skills), but otherwise I’m devoid of whatever hard wiring Martha Stewart is made of.

Yet, there are a few domestic guilty pleasures I’ve acquired over the years that tell me I just might have a tiny little Martha hiding in there somewhere:

Cleaning Dryer Lint: If it weren’t for the rush of peeling away this magically colored fluff from its mesh prison, thereby releasing the smell of a freshly babbling mountain spring, I would have been one of those kids who always brought laundry home to Mom in college.

Peeling Shrimp and Crab: There’s nothing more therapeutic than ripping the shell off a crustacean with the deftness of a magician ripping off a tablecloth.

Squeegeeing: In guest bathrooms around the globe, at one time or another we find ourselves emerging from a satisfyingly sudsy curtain-less shower experience to face the to-squeegee-or-not-to-squeegee dilemma. Always go squeegee.

Pounding Chicken: I once promised a boyfriend I’d try making his favorite chicken piccata recipe. After covertly pounding those filets with the hammer from my toolbox, I knew I’d found a new talent. I immediately procured a meat mallet and have been a strict carnivore ever since.

Swiffering: It’s like a squeegee but for your much dirtier floor! It’s not so much the Swiffering itself that’s fun as it is looking at the bottom of it every five seconds to see how much grime you’ve collected.

Removing Price Tags: Whether it’s the cannot-return-once-removed stickers from Macys, the seductive mattress labels, or the obstinate bastards on the bottom of the wine glasses, I get an indignant thrill from scraping, ripping and scratching my way to purchase commitment.

While I admit the buzz of these activities eventually wears off, it’s usually just enough to make my home suitable to guests. Just please don’t inspect my floors.

Do you have any domestic guilty pleasures?

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I'm an 80s music lover, traveling junkie, mac & cheese connoisseur, amateur wine snob, party-planning priestess and Chicago transplant living in Southern California. I find adventure in the everyday and have a unending compulsion to write about it. Hope you enjoy reading my mind!
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152 Responses to Squeegees, Dryer Lint, and Other Domestic Guilty Pleasures

  1. I love doing laundry. Sorting it, seeing how white I can get the whites, how fluffy I can get the heavy fabric, etc… I love doing laundry, I however hate putting it away.

  2. Baking cookies or brownies and mostly just to eat some of the dough.

  3. Nabeha says:

    Cleaning the stainless stove top until it shines “like the top of the Chrysler building”. Clean stovetop, happy mama. Giggle, snort.

  4. Katie says:

    I completely agree about the dryer lint thing, but other than that, you lost me. Peeling shrimp? Really? It’s those little legs that always gross me out by the end of it and I always swear I’m gonna buy the pre-cooked, pre-peeled stuff from then on. And I don’t want to give ideas, but forcing me to remove price tags — especially stubborn ones — would be a really great way for someone to torture me.

    I guess my one real domestic guilty pleasure (shocking, I know, based on the title of my site) is when I spend a morning cleaning the house — like really cleaning, not just hiding stuff — I breathe a sigh of relief, smile, and take a teensy bit of pride in the way it all looks before my husband or the dogs mess it up 5 minutes later. 🙂

    • LOL the little legs are the best part!! And you’re right… it just feels GOOD when the whole house is spotless and smells a little bit like lemon and dryer sheets. Can’t remember the last time I had that feeling 🙂

    • alastor993 says:

      If you have another price tag that as usual doesn’t want to be removed, try heating it a bit with a lighter. The heat isn’t enough to destroy most (!) things but it makes the glue softer and thus the sticker is removed easely!

  5. I like boys who wear glasses says:

    I love cooking and baking! (it’s therapeutic somehow) But I hate doing the dishes – now I have solved the dishes-issue. I have a friend that loves doing dishes! So it’s my job to feed her once a week, while she will do the dishes that I have created making this food-fest 🙂 Perfect!!

  6. stepanana says:

    dryer lint is soooo one of mine — and also i enjoy cleaning behind the fridge. such a sense of accomplishment even thought no one will see it.

  7. I started reading and thought who is this person who has been spying on me. Though I don’t have a squigee for the shower, and I don’t get a whole lot of crab here. I, too have a cleaning lady. It took me a while to admit finally, that I will always have a cleaning lady, a yard guy, since my husband and I work hard and the last thing I want to do is clean when I am off. However if I could find a machine that would put the laundry away I would be in heaven

  8. This made me smile. I cannot say I have any fav domestic chore… perhaps putting clothes on the line. I love the smell.

  9. I HATE laundry, ironing, cleaning bathrooms and doing the dishes….love baking (really destress me). I am no domestic diva and confess I have a cleaning lady. But with four kids laundry keeps multiplying like rabbits. Lately I just dump all the fresh laundry in the family room so no one can sit to watch tv without the laundry being noticed.

  10. I LOVE swiffering!! I don’t know why, but it’s really so much fun! It’s so great picking up all of the dust and lint from the floor…it’s a rush. 😉

    Fantastic post!

  11. I too love removing the dryer lint–so satisfying! And my partner is a maniac about removing tags, labels, stickers and such! A really fun post!
    And congrats on Freshly Pressed!

  12. Catherine says:

    I feel weirdly proud when I clean my fridge of all the expired foods. That’s when I most feel like an adult. LOL.

    Dryer lint is an obsession of mine too – just because years ago I read some article about the number of fires each year that were started because of too much dryer lint. Every time I do the laundry I think about that article and it shares the bejesus out of me.

    Now if there were some article about how not folding/putting away your clothes could cause cancer…. I can’t seem to finish that important step to save my life! My house consistently has two baskets of clean laundry, but I have zero desire to fold it. 🙂

    • jd says:

      “That’s when I most feel like an adult. LOL.”

      Hahaha! Yes! Why is that?!

      And somebody needs to do that cancer research stat… preferably tonight, as I have a whole pile of clean clothes covering my bed that I kinda want to just put back in the dirty clothes instead of folding.

    • Catherine you have a standing invitation to come clean out my fridge anytime you want! I have some questionable tupperware containers way in the back that I may just toss… I’m too afraid to peek!

  13. natasiarose says:

    This post was so awesome!

    Umm I like vacuuming. I skip the gym the days I vacuum cuz it’s totally a complete core workout.

  14. challahgirl says:

    I really love folding towels. I enjoy stacking them up together and looking at the pretty mix of colors and patterns. It just seems so easy, orderly and worthwhile.

    I would cation you though that even if you don’t want to wash your veggies to get the dirt off, then make sure you get organic so you’re not eating tons of harmful pesticides.

    I didn’t think washing produce was really a big deal until I became friends with a botanist. She has told me some horror stories about what gets put on crops that seem harmless like blueberries and strawberries.

    Now I use special fruit wash AND go organic as much as I can – things like the report on e coli breeding rampantly in cantaloupe has changed me into a wussy forever.



  15. Lindsay says:

    OMG I just swiffered last night and did that very same thing! I also take great pleasure in dusting a bookshelf that hasn’t been dusted in over a year.

  16. elliegurl says:

    Great Post!

    My dirty little housecleaning secret is that I love to sweep! It’s like therapy to me after a long day at work and helps me work out all my frustrations. (Then I have a big glass of wine, which helps even more!)

  17. angelique523 says:

    OMG! I laughed so hard. I love pounding chicken after a difficult day. I just picture all the people who caused me problems during the day. It sure beats psychotropic drugs and counseling. Great blog! Excellent visuals. Keep it up girl!

  18. pezcita says:

    The only household task I really enjoy is ironing. Skirts always come out so crisp afterwards.

  19. Vasare says:

    I HATE doing laundry Most of the time I just wear all possible outfit combinations until i have nothing clean or pretty to wear haha. sometimes i even buy something new just so I dont have to do it…hate cleaning the house, but love when its tidy…It never smells like lemons though. I’m scared what my husband (if i will ever find one) will have to experience..I do enjoy cooking though, but only if the kitchen is tidy..meh would be a worst housewife ever.. removing price -tags is one of my guilty pleasures as well 🙂

    • Lol Vasare this cracked me up. I once dated a guy who adored doing laundry. We had a deal where he always did the laundry and I did the dishes. It was a match made in heaven. Wonder if he’s still single…

  20. bonkasaurus says:

    after i read the removing of fluff from its mesh prison i knew i had to keep reading.

    great post.

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

  21. leadinglight says:

    I’ve notgot any domestic impulses but I have no issues in doing the dishes.

  22. Laundry is my favorite – -just love to see dirty stuff go in and sweet smelling stuff come out. I also love swiffering. I bought a fancy steam cleaner for my kitchen and dining area floors, but still use my swiffer for the same reason you stated. Thanks for a fun post

  23. Jan Heath says:

    OMG, I have a domestic goddess clone! I am a FREAK about the dryer lint too! Did you know that if you save it it makes a great fire starter? I also have ALL the Swiffer gadgets – wet, dry, and in between the cracks! And my clothes sit in the clean laundry basket until I take them out and wear them lol. Another distaste…emptying the dishwasher! I will eat off paper and plastic for days, or just wash the same fork and knife over and over again, lol.

    LOVE your blog, and congrats on the Freshly Pressed!

    • Thanks so much Jan! Funny you mention the dishwasher. I currently have empty cabinets and a sink full of perfectly rinsed dishes, but I can’t muster up the energy to just unload the dishwasher to refill it again! I pulled my dinner dishes right out of there and used them. Glad it’s not just me 🙂

  24. Green Queen says:

    Cleaning off my desk at home is my favorite. I just love the sight of a paperless desktop! I guess it’s because all that you have to do to get it there – file papers and receipts, pay bills, sign the kid’s permission slip – that give me a sense of accomplishment afterward. What an appropriate posting for “Freshly Pressed”! Congrats!

  25. Great Post. You would think by know they would have an easier removable price tag – was scratching these off some drinking glasses this weekend – PITB:) I love Swiffering too and look at the pad every once in a while to see how much grime has been picked up. I love my dust buster for easy cleanup – lint on top of the dryer – suck it up – bug in the house – suck it up – food debris in the kitchen – suck it up – just love this little sucker!

  26. Tracy says:

    My all-time favorite isn’t technically IN the house, but I consider it domestic anyway: squeegeeing my car’s front and back windshield (ok and sometimes side mirrors and windows when I get a bit carried away). I could care less how many people are waiting for me to move my car at the gas station so they can take their turn to fill up. Talk about that “ahhh” feeling—not to mention I can see while I drive again! Congrats on being FP’d 🙂

  27. I hate dragging the vacuum around the house while being mindful not to trip over the cord and kill myself. However, having a clear canister that shows me all the dirt, cat hair and dust I’ve collected makes it all worthwhile.

  28. Evie Garone says:

    I really liked your article…it made me smile. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed emptying the dryer lint! I even read some where of a woman who did art with it, how funny, huh?! I just did a load of red fuzzy wash and what a haul! I think it’s been since I heard of the fire factor. I, too love to swiffer. I LOVE to vacuum, I find it very therapeutic and see all the dirt in the see thru cup, no bag for me! I also love to put all my smelly garbage down the garbage disposal so my outside garbage doesn’t smell in the summer. Enough about my foibles! Thanks for a forum to share! Congrats on being FP’d!

    • Thanks Evie! I had red sheets and towels so I get a huge rush out of the fun red dryer lint – totally beats the random grey stuff that usually comes out. I’m going to Google dryer lint art how funny!

  29. I love removing dryer lint, too! For some reason, I’ve always gotten a thrill from cleaning mirrors. It’s like everything in life becomes clearer once your reflection is free from spots. Great post!

  30. Maggie says:

    I like cleaning the lint trap, too. It’s nice rolling that colorful wad of fuzz into a neat ball.

  31. What a fun post. I’ve always had a thing for window cleaning. Looking at that invisible, streak-free window after I finish the squeegeeing gives me pleasure.

  32. Fascinating. I will say that get some satisfaction from brushing the toothpaste out of the sink. I would prefer that the toothpaste never get there, but brushing it out is the next best thing.

  33. Amanda says:

    I love this post and I LOVE my swiffer! I was a little against them in the beginning because I was when I moved to the farm I was going to try to go ‘all natural’ and only use chemical free stuff. That is still my hope and dream but the reality of it is, nothing gets your floors as clean as the swiffer 🙂 When I’m finished I ALWAYS pull the swiffer pad off, hold it up to my face and feel proud of what I’ve accomplished.


  34. I adore pinching dead leaves off plants. I even do it at friend’s homes! Also (mostly in the “olden days”) untangling phone cords. Remember those long ones that used to get all balled up? I’m the ‘Untangler’! I used to do that at friend’s homes, too! At least the phone at work still have those cords and I still get to untangle them!

  35. I hate most cleaning, but I love cooking-especially if I get to use my food processor to chop something to smithereens!

  36. Karen G says:

    I also revel in removing those labels that are “obstinate bastards.” I’m not going to let them win!

    Eh, housework generally bugs me, and dishes are my weak spot. Laundry is okay. I suppose my soft spot is my master bathroom’s glass sink, which has a goldfish pattern. I have to keep them scrubbed real good, because you know how dirty those goldfish bowls get. 😛

  37. ournote2self says:

    The one and only chore i enjoy is vacuuming. I love how clean the whole house looks just by doing that one simple task. 🙂

  38. I LOVE this post! My boyfriend has a particular affinity for Swiffering. But I think it’s because of what we witnessed one night as we were drinking wine on our balcony overlooking the city. I can see the back of a house below us, and the blinds were going crazy!

    “What are they doing? Do you think they’re Swiffering the blinds?” I asked.

    Then we saw the distinct image of a body pressing up against the blinds.

    Swiffering, indeed! Now that’s our code word. “Honey, wanna Swiffer?” means something totally different in our home…


  39. Katie Bulmer says:

    Oh how I love your honestly! So well said!

  40. Laura Davies says:

    Cleaning the bathroom, I love it when everything looks all white and sparkly! But the amount of product I use must be bad for the environment!

  41. sockmonkeey says:

    I would gladly mow the lawn for a year (well, maybe twice or three times… that’s all it takes, right?) to never have to put away laundry again. I’ll wash it. I might fold it. I won’t actually put it away. Now, painting, on the other hand… that’s a great task. I love painting interior walls.

  42. This is hilarious. I love to cook, so I embrace that side of my inner domestic, um, king? But my wife could tell you I have trouble spotting dirt outside the kitchen. OK, we’re actually both neat freaks!

  43. pointgiven says:

    I love folding towels, the ends have to be just perfect you know. Everything has to line up perfectly all the stripes and ends. Don’t even want any help because if they don’t look perfect I will secretly fold them again!!!!!!

  44. Eva McCane says:

    this is hilarious! i was giggling the entire way through because i share your fondness for odd household duties. grating cheese. playing with raw dough. marinating with your fingers. the smell of cleaning products. ahhh. makes my heart flutter just thinking about it. and i agree, washing fruit is for wussies, and when there’s no time for laundry, the mall calls my name.

  45. May's Fayre says:

    All very true and profound – love it all!

  46. I totally relate to the Swiffering bit. If you want to save a little money, you can use microfiber towels on the Swiffer broom and then just toss them in the washer (after you shake the dirt off first) and reuse!

  47. typhoidterri says:

    I love scrubbing with Mrs. Meyers. With the lavender scent, I totally forget that I’m on my knees scrubbing poop off the inside toilet bowl.

  48. Nick says:

    LOL @ “seductive mattress labels!” Also, I might add that amazing feeling that lasts for a few days when you arrive home after having previously rearranged furniture.

    Excuse me while I go move my couch (remembering, of course, to Swiffer any previously hidden areas).

  49. Sunshine says:

    Laundry. Laundry is my guiltiest pleasure of all. I so love the smell of fresh warm laundry from the dryer.

  50. Sam Mittelsteadt says:

    I think removing the dryer lint is only fun if there’s a substantial enough amount to produce a hefty peel. Otherwise you’re scrabbling and scratching to work up a … wadlet? For that reason I won’t clean it after every use, even though it’s more energy efficient that way.

    When I was younger, I informed my parents that when I grew up I would be the guy who squeegeed windows at the gas station. My affinity for the job waned when they explained that I would also be responsible for other duties, such as actually filling the tank and checking the oil.

  51. skinnyshae says:

    Fantastic post!

    Domestic guilty pleasure: Lint rolling the furniture and a Swiffer WET JET!

    Swiffering does no good on my dog-fuzz covered floor.

  52. mumrelocated says:

    Making the bed is my guilty domestic pleasure, smoothing the sheets and bedspread to pile the matttress high with plump big pillows. Means I have to take them off every night simply to ‘reload’ in the morning but they make the bed look so inviting

  53. jd says:

    Dryer lint is best when you’ve done a couple loads and it’s layered with different colors of fuzz! My real guilty pleasure, though, is grocery shopping. I love to cook (hate doing dishes), so going to the store can be like an adventure, looking at all the stuff I could try out. So dorky, right? 🙂

  54. Dan says:

    Ha. I use to buy new socks instead of doing laundry! Love your story;)

  55. Karly says:

    OMG, crazy! I think we are the same person, cleaning-wise. I once spent 3 hours cracking king crab legs. I also love paper shredders. Especially ones that can shred things like CDs, because then I feel all-powerful. 🙂

  56. trialsinfood says:

    i like peeling off the plastic protective covers on electronics like phones, laptops, etc.

  57. First of all, I loved reading this post. The voice and word choice in your writing makes it fun and lively.
    When cleaning, I do much better with instant gratification. So, I love cleaning the mirrors in the bathroom. Window cleaner is such a magical substance! Spray it on and wipe it with some lousy paper towel and poof – the bullet-like specks from brushing your teeth vanish! Great stuff!
    I’ll be back to read again!

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  59. Alison says:

    Great post! Thanks for making me smile!

  60. ls zhao says:

    …Putting away laundry always feels like unpacking after a fabulous vacation. Sometimes I just refuse to do it 🙂

    totally agree with you.^^

  61. rmriegel says:

    I like Windexing the windows/mirrors/etc. The little squeaking sound the cloth makes against the glass when it’s clean is awesome. And I love rearranging the cabinets. Something about getting our multitude of mac’n’cheese, Pasta/Rice-a-Roni, mashed potatoes and other boxed goodies to fit like Tetris is sooo gratifying. 🙂

  62. Just found your blog, I love you writing…Fantastic 🙂

  63. edieut says:

    Fun post! I also love ironing sheets. Once you get ironed sheets you never go back. My boyfriend teases me and tells me to get a life though 😦

  64. Oh dusting is another hateful but unavoidable job

  65. Karen says:

    How about buying a new cookie sheet instead of cleaning the old one?

  66. novelfish says:

    Scrubbing!!! Dishes, bottles, pans or pots. Just to make sure they are sparkling clean without a single trace of anything sticking on to where I my food goes.

  67. I wish I could clean that well. Although it may be OCD.

  68. Hilarious! Your opening sentence had me in stitches! My philosophy with cooking is to throw a few herbs in and see what happens… the problem is if it tastes good I can never bother remembering what I actually put in!

  69. okielicious says:

    Glad the folks at wordpress picked you for FP — still smilin’! Thanks for an entertaining read. My guilty pleasure is straightening picture frames — at home, at work, and (if no one’s looking) at other people’s houses. 🙂

  70. alastor993 says:

    I know it’s weird, but I like cleaning the toilet (assuming it’s the one in my house and not totally gross after I’ve been away for a month with The Boyfriend not noticing where he spashes everything and thus not cleaning it… ever)
    And it’s not so much as cleaning it, but more the guilty look on Boyfriends face when he sees what the toilet should look like and me being the first to go on it after it’s just been cleaned!

  71. basher521 says:

    it is very usefull!thanks for your share~~~

  72. I like washing the windows. The increase in light shows off my cleaning lady’s hard work.
    Cleaning the windows gives an immediate and visible result (I live very close to the sea and my windows get salty). I don’t get the same kick out of any other sort of cleaning.
    I pay somebody to iron because I hate that so much. Every penny is money well spent.

  73. bloowillbooks says:

    LOL…I think you just described me! My guilty domestic pleasure? Throwing things out when people aren’t looking. Yes, the preschool ‘constructions’, the odd socks, sometimes even things people might need (but if they really needed them they wouldn’t be left lying around…would they?). I can’t help it. It’s a compulsion. I’m the opposite of a pack rat!

  74. spotwin says:

    I fear taht you have hit a nerve with many in America…the dread of laundry….in our house, It has been elevated to an Olympic sport. Despite the dread of a full laundry basket, it is the cleaning of the lint trap which sustains me. I feel for you. Congrats on being ‘pressed’!

  75. meerachandra says:

    A nice post, really! The only household chore I love is to mop the floor.. I can’t ever cope up with cleaning dishes or tidying the house.. And I get enough scoldings from my mom 😉

  76. Wait until you get up and under the lip of the washing machine! BRING A CHISEL! …or better still… BRING A MAN! LOL!

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  78. I will cop to enjoying pairing socks. I have three children, each of whom wears thousands of pairs of socks each week. To make things more exciting, my teenage daughter has many socks that come without matches! So I can pair with abandon! But it’s most satisfying to pair my husband’s socks. He has many, many pair of nearly identical socks. Finding just the right match is, indeed, a domestic rush.

  79. sussurus says:

    Except for “pounding chicken”, I totally agree. This is so much fun! Thanks for putting it out there and making me feel that I’m not alone 🙂 http://sussurus.wordpress.com/

  80. metventure says:

    Love this post…made me chuckle. I am a neat/clean freak and am so jealous of your care-free, humor about cleaning-and the tips! LOL your a funny gal! Will read more.
    And…I also love to clean the whole house inside out. My husband thinks its hysterical when after cleaning I am in a way better mood. Maybe I feel it wipes away some stress?

    • Thank you metventure I’m really glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I definitely do feel some stress melt away when I look at a freshly cleaned home.. just so hard to muster up the motivation in the first place for me. Tips are surely welcome!

  81. notquiteold says:

    I like cleaning out all the little holes on the exhaust on my hair dryer. A toothpick works really well.

  82. Alan King says:

    As someone who hates cleaning the bathroom and making up the bed (I have to hear about it from my fiancee), I love doing the dishes. That task wasn’t always a domestic pleasure, having grown up with a dishwasher to do all the hard work for me.

    But the apartment my fiancee and I live in didn’t come with a dishwasher. Initially, I thought “great, this’ll be fun,” frowning every time a dish was used, knowing the inevitable pile would eventually prompt me to do something about it. (My fiancee used to do the dishes a lot, but since she started school that’s been her excuse for not doing them.)

    I don’t think it’s the task itself that I enjoy, but the smell of the dish soap. Who’d think that a 6-foot-2, 257 pound man would fall for a bottle of lime-scented Ajax with Bleach Alternative? Certainly not me. What adds to the pleasure is having my music playing (preferably indie hip hop) while I’m doing the dishes. Both the lime scent and music get me so caught up in the task that I’m slightly disappointed when I’ve come to that final dish that needs to be scrubbed.

    Wow! I can’t believe I got nostalgic there for a minute, as if I wasn’t going to be reunited with the task later today. Thanks for this post, WhiteElephantInTheRoom!

  83. 😦 I actually enjoy doing laundry. (I’m a male. And I like sports.)

  84. zoesays says:

    Totally enjoy peeling off dryer lint! I’m the Swifferer of the house, too. My boyfriend sucks at it. The Febreze scented ones? Bliss. Personally, I don’t think a household should be without Soft Scrub but that’s just me being a weirdo. Either that or having an Italian mother and so anything that smells like bleach reminds me of home cleanliness.

  85. Ali says:

    I love cleaning dryer lint. It makes me so happy. I read once that you can actually compost it… but this would require me composting.

  86. jrevi001 says:

    I’m a geek for laundry. Not putting it away…oh how I hate that! But just the satisfaction of limp clothes put into the washer and then bringing the fluffy warm clothes out of the dryer makes me so happy! I am a clean laundry sniffer. Especially towels! Clean warm towels are the best. But I am not so bold as to sniff the clean underwear even if fresh out of the dryer! 😉

    • LOL that cracked me up! The smell and warmth is fantastic. After dumping a pile of clean clothes on the floor to fold my little dog always buries herself inside them so I know I did something right 🙂

  87. gaycarboys says:

    I might be a bit dense but what are you sqeegying in the bathroom?

  88. that’s great… thanks for the article

  89. sassytt says:

    Thank you for such a good laugh. Happy to know I am not the only one who loves looking at the bottom of her swifter. LOL!

  90. Au Contraire says:

    I used to love my Swiffer! Now I just love my Swiffer cloths! lol I buy boxes of them and use them for hand dusting around the house.

    It feels like you’re accomplishing more when you can actually see the dust you’ve collected! lol

    • I think it’s the instant gratification too. It’s just one item to get out of the closet and one quick swipe and thousands of dead skin cells are stopped in their tracks! Ok that’s gross when I think about it 🙂

  91. Removing price tags. Yes!! Thanks for writing. Great read.

  92. Very funny! I also love to pound chicken with a meat mallet! So satisfying!
    Sadly, I also really like to clean up my flat after a big party or dinner. The kind of cleaning that takes hours and I literally have used every glass/plate around and there are empty bottles and cans everywhere! heehee

  93. sahmjs says:

    Guilty pleasure would be vacuuming…not that I love to do it, but I love sprawling out on the carpet afterwards! I have 2 kids and so you can imagine what our floors look like from time to time… 🙂
    ps-For any other parents out there, this is a great resource – “The Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth” (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/). It’s got great tips on how to help develop healthy habits. Another guilty pleasure of mine – squeezing the toothpaste up to the top of the tube.

  94. Patty says:

    I share your passion for removing price tags, although my absolute favorite would have to be price stickers. Each time my boyfriend and I get home after shopping for groceries and other home essentials, he volunteers to help me put them away. I flat-out refuse and go so far as to bribe him with the chance to play StarCraft II undisturbed just so I can go through the ritual of peeling price stickers off of all the items we bought. I arm myself with strips of masking tape to help me get rid of any residual adhesive. It’s an essential part of my me-time.

  95. onemomstips says:

    I dont know about the lint thing but my friends recently called me a domestic dork for being so ecstatic about my new clothes line. I love hanging out my laundry, it smells great.

  96. College & Other Pesky Things says:

    I love wiping down my dorm room with Clorox wipes! It makes the room smell so good and I love seeing the dirt on the cloth; it’s that feeling of accomplishment!

  97. Love your post, love your style!

    My favorite chore is doing the dishes (but I let it air-dry), closely followed by hanging kids’ clothes outside. It feels somehow artistic, and I am guilty of arranging them by color to make it look nicer… 😉

  98. jessicaber says:

    I can completely relate to your opening statement.

  99. jessicaber says:

    What is it about arranging closets color to color? I do that too almost automatically and I do feel a pang of guilt every time, but I do not know why.

  100. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    This was a fun post! I must admit we share a few guilty pleasures. I hate doing dishes but I love refilling the soap dispenser!

  101. This was hilarious! I didn’t know anyone shared the same joy I get from seeing what my Swiffer has caught from my floor 🙂

  102. freelanceallison says:

    I totally relate to the swiffer and dryer lint piece! I feel the same exact way – it is awesome seeing what is captured in there! Similarly, the vaccuum. When I vacuum near the entrances and see all the dirt I’ve collected from before the shoes were removed: awesome!

    My wierd domestic tick is actually carting things out of my house! I love getting bags together that are leaving – garbage for the crap I have found while cleaning things out, bags for goodwill filled with treatures for someone else’s house and not mine anymore, etc. Just getting things OUT is something I love love love love!

  103. Love Lucy x says:

    Love the smell of clean washing straight out of the machine. Especially European washing powders. Sad, but true.

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