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Squeegees, Dryer Lint, and Other Domestic Guilty Pleasures

I am no domestic goddess. My cleaning lady is the only one who vacuums, I think washing fruit is for wussies, I rarely get around to baking because I’m too busy eating the batter, and I once bought a new … Continue reading

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Red, Bite and Blue

Aside from a well-made mac and cheese, holidays are my true weakness. I’m that crazy person who sends my annual Christmas party save-the-dates the day I put away the Easter grass, I’m the obnoxiously sappy person in pink on Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Gym Rats

In some form or another, I’ve been working out since I got my first Mousercise cassette tape at age four. I went through a Get in Shape Girl phase in the mid-80s, and I was an early adopter of the … Continue reading

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You Can’t Play Air Drums if You’re Texting

We all have a few habits that should probably earn us a light slap across the face to snap out of. I’ll personally cop to a lot of bad habits that I’ve had to break in my own time, for … Continue reading

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Pun Intended

This morning I was standing in line waiting for my car to get serviced at the dealership, and as there isn’t much else to do while waiting in line – I eavesdropped. In the fifteen minutes I waited my turn, … Continue reading

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Technology was not in the Fairytale

As little girls often do, I once made a list of all the qualities I hoped to find in my Prince Charming. He would be handsome, kind, good to his mother, intelligent, a total smart ass, and a diehard romantic. … Continue reading

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The Target Effect

I went to college in a sleepy little Illinois town called Monmouth. It was a lovely place where I met my very first cow tipper, bought birthday presents from Farm King, and once received a house call from the local … Continue reading

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