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Ten Reasons Apartment Living is Awesomer than You Thought

It’s been almost a year now since I’ve been officially reintroduced to apartment living, and after mourning the loss of three bathrooms, two Christmas trees, and hundreds of trick-or-treaters, I believe this lifestyle is finally starting to grow on me. … Continue reading

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Little Bo Peep was Multitasking

I’ve always been successful at time management. I meet every deadline and am always the first to arrive at a get-together. While this is partially just a sense of tacit responsibility, I’m also a skilled multitasker. I blow dry my … Continue reading

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Cereal Mascot Smackdown

In my childhood years, a classic Saturday morning was my dad and I sitting cross-legged on the carpet together eating cereal – his in a giant mixing bowl and mine in a regular-sized normal person bowl. Save for the opening … Continue reading

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Elevator Music

Contrary to what you may feel after a ride on the Luxor’s famed inclinator, the Tower of Terror at California Adventure, or (I assume) Willy Wonka’s mystical glass masterpiece, elevator rides are pretty predictable. You step in, push a button, … Continue reading

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My Bucket List Has Been Kicked

Whether you write it in fine calligraphy and laminate it, scribble it on the back of a bill you’ve never paid, tack it on as an amendment to a never-ending New Year’s resolution list, or just keep it all “upstairs,” we … Continue reading

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Stop Eating My Low Hanging Fruit

I was chatting with a friend the other day about skiing when I caught myself say “black diamonds are just not in my wheelhouse.” Like a good friend, she immediately called me on bringing corporate jargon into my personal life, … Continue reading

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Travel Clichés

Like fruit cake at Christmas, bachelorettes wearing pink boas, and Uma in a Tarantino movie, most clichés are best avoided. Yet there is one aspect of life into which I highly recommend injecting as much cliché as possible – travel. … Continue reading

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