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How to Earn Your Crown

Let me preface by noting I’ve been a Disney fanatic since birth, every biographical report I did in grade school was on Mr. Disney, I go to D Land at least thrice a year, Jiminy Cricket is my hero, and … Continue reading

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I’m Telling Your Mother

In second grade, my best friend and I fought like sisters over our Barbie collections. I was an only child, therefore my Barbies were ladies – always properly clothed with flowing platinum blonde coifs, perfect manicures and, for that matter, … Continue reading

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Buyer’s Remorse

Had a discussion about the seven deadly sins this morning and one thing is clear… I’m going to hell. I  went to Trader Joe’s last night to get some milk and eggs, and gluttonous me ended up walking out with … Continue reading

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Traveling Abroad for Dummies

Last night a bunch of us got together for the sole purpose of consuming wine. And after some great conversation and five or six bottles of fabulousness from all over the world (my favorite being a tasty treat called “Cock of … Continue reading

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Enrique Iglesias… and Other Things I Used to Hate

I’ve been wondering something for a few months now and I finally just have say it out loud… when did Enrique Iglesias get hot? It’s a quandary beyond my comprehension that snuck up on me entirely without my consent. If you … Continue reading

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The Age of Aquarius is Over

So today Matt Lauer informed me that I’m a Capricorn, and for one brief moment my world shook as hard as the day I learned my idol, Vanilli, was a fraud. First Pluto isn’t a planet and now I’m not … Continue reading

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The Fine Art of Small Talk

I don’t drink coffee. I love the aroma, but I’ve always been disappointed that something that looks so much like rich, dark chocolate tastes so much like a taxi driver’s breath. So rather than a jolt of caffeine to perk … Continue reading

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Flying for Peanuts

In total, I’ve probably spent the equivalent of three years of my life traveling, with a significant portion of that time hanging out in airports around the world. I can tell you where to find the best smelling bathroom soap, which … Continue reading

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Texting 101

Pavlov’s dog has nothing on us. We could be seven Kleenex in during a Lifetime movie marathon, knuckle deep inside a buttery lobster, or even painting the Sistine Chapel, but each time we hear the familiar beep, chime, or vibration … Continue reading

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I’ve been traveling for weeks, had a cold since before Christmas that I haven’t completely shaken, and have been working out like a mad woman in honor of the seven cows I consumed while back in the Midwest for the … Continue reading

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